What is Momspreading?

Mompsreading is about the absurdity and vulnerability of parenting, the ways we're all just trying to recreate or compensate for our own childhood, and casting off the albatross of the "ideal" parent. I use my background in child psychology and research to reimagine parenting expertise as actually building our parenting instincts, rather than guilting and misleading us into chasing an impossible (and, ahem, White, middle-class, American) dream. 

In essays and interviews, Momspreading is the most memorable conversation you had at a party, that just happened to teach you some helpful stuff about parenting, and also you laughed so hard that you choked on a tortilla chip. 

Also, I talk about other things: neurodiversity and ADHD, basketball, relationships, lady things.

Curiosity, brutal honesty, irreverence, information and opinions—but no “advice.”

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You know there’s more to the story than what the mommy blogs and parenting books are saying. You want to learn about parenting without being condescended to or shying away from gray areas. You want to be reminded that you are totally a good enough parent. You want to close the bedroom door on your family, get under the covers with a Snickers, and laugh your ass off for seven minutes.

Who writes this thing, anyway?

I am an educational psychologist, teacher, mother, ADHDer, and 90s R&B enthusiast. I’ve written for the New York Times, Romper, The Greater Good Magazine, and McSweeney’s Internet Tendency. I live in Oakland, consume a lot of basketball, and dance like everybody is watching. This is me at a karaoke bar singing Usher’s Nice and Slow 36 hours before going into labor. When I “become a ghost” as my kids say, I would like this image to be painted onto my tombstone.

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Sarah Wheeler is an adult human, mother, educational psychologist, writer, teacher-trainer, and former classroom teacher based in Oakland, California.