Sarah, many thanks for the fountain of wisdom that continues to flow from your marvelous writing. I always feel extremely fortunate to have Courtney's Newsletter and Momspreading as vital resources. Courtney and I studied the ideas of Emma Goldman in our political theory course at Barnard, so I want to add her outstanding example of wisdom to your sources. She was not a mother, but a midwife who said that she wanted to help deliver a thousand girls and whisper in their tender ears as they entered this unjust world, "REBEL! REBEL!" She then wrote in her revolutionary, inspiring periodical "Mother Earth" (1916) a comment that's especially relevant to our present challenge over Roe vs. Wade: "I will not make peace with a system which degrades women to a mere incubator and which fattens on her innocent victims [children who become exploited workers]. I now and here declare war upon this capitalist system and shall not rest until the path has been cleared for a free motherhood and a healthy, joyous, and happy childhood." For advocating that "women need not always keep their mouths shut, and their wombs open," she went to prison.

EG is my idol, to be emulated today. The best biography of her is by Candace Falk, "Love, Anarchy and Emma Goldman" (1984, not often in public libraries yet easily available, used, for only $4.59, a terrific bargain). Please read it together with EG's superb writings! DD


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