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I love this, I love you, and I love Caramel Cone Haagen Dazs.

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That said, there really was one great intervention suggested by your mom when a certain person was having a hard time with her parents divorce: I got up an extra hour early, so after the meltdowns, she knew there was a LOT of time for candyland. Fewer melts meant more candyland. ( Is there a more boring game?)

Worked so well that by high school we didn't need to do it. :- )

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An absolutely lovely essay but also... wait, what WAS your "regular order" at the American Girl shop?

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Sarah, the parenting Fortune teller is so great!

You probably remember times when your parents put you to bed in your clean clothes for the next day. Also, the sheer randomness of the responses is genius, too...reinforcing how there isn't "The answer ".

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