What a sweet and agonizing and uplifting and redeeming description of your adventures/misadventures in Spain thanks so much for your honesty love, Paul and Zayde Paul

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Sarah, what an engaging and uplifting narrative from Spain that I’m reading on a dreary, cold, even snowy (!) day here in Portland, Oregon.

Your writing on such a range of topics means a great deal to me, none more appealing that this account of traveling with a young son.

Sharron and I both adore traveling, too, even with kids, and we spent years in India with our two sons. I’m happy to read Max’s P.S. that “it’s nice here” because that’s how ours reflect back on their decade living abroad in Britain and Asia. I’m sure that when Max is their age(near 60 now) he will be grateful that you’re giving him an experience that he’ll never forget, so Go, Sarah!

Love, DD (Dennis Dalton)

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