You Can Christmas If You Wanna

What’s cooler than a gift that you could totally just get for free??? Wow the most jaded of recipients with a donation subscription to my semi-regular ramblings!! Can you tell I went to business school??? I recently read Julietta Singh’s The Breaks, a 168-page letter to her young daughter about her own childhood and the fuckery of humanity and making a life in a time when the world is most certainly careening towards death. It is devastating and beautifully-written and I apologize to the friend who lent me her copy for all of the tear stains on the pages. In addition to being proud of myself for completing an entire book (being 168 pages helps, but I often crap out at around page 50), I was very effected by Singh’s model of parenting; deliberate, honest, and somehow both protective and releasing. Since reading it, I have vowed to do more to bring the reality of things closer to my children, or my children closer to reality, however hard. This is a task that presents itself with more consent to me and my family, as I am not, as Singh is, a mixed race mother to a mixed race child, but the urgency is there nonetheless.

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